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The process to get my Babygirl here :-)


Below you will find links and the ongoing process to get this life rolling :-)

I knew from friend accounts that this process would be quite involved but boy I didn't realize that I would need to almost become a Immigration specialist to get through all of this paperwork.. hehehehe

I have been trying to decide on the surface if a Fiancee Visa to get my sweety here or marrying her there and filing for a Spousal Visa would be better. On the surface it seems the timeline is about the same but I have one friend who went the Spousal route with his better half and another who went the Fiancee route with his.

 I am leaning toward marrying her there and filing for Spousal. I say this due to the thought of the US Government being more apt to grant said Visa if she is already a relative/Spouse of a American citizen. This was my friend Kenneth's take on why he approached this at a Spousal level when he and Maricel married. Kenneth also said that the process was moved through rather quickly via Spousal and he was surprised at a 3 month window to their granted Visa Application. Upon doing more reading and checking with a Agency who specializes in helping with the Visa process it seems most have had quicker positive results with a Fiancee Visa in regards to timeframe overall. That being said, it seems we are pointing the ship in that direction.

The Medical requirements, extensive paperwork, filing fees and length of the process in general make this a labor of love and patience. Below are some relevant links such as, I-130 Spousal Visa, Fiancee Visa Process and the link for requirements to marry in her country also. My sweet Babygirl has many challenges to face, her dislike of needles (since the US requires at least 8 vaccinations) a medical examination and a blood test. Lets not forget the trials of being married to the likes of me,,, hehehehehehe The financial expenses are significant but who could possibly put a pricetag on love? It seems that with Indiana being a closed adoption records state (at least they were at the time of my birth) I will have to get a friend here locally to go and sign a document saying that they in fact have known me for at least 2 years or more and will vouch for me being who I say in fact I am.

Silly isnt it? The homestate wont release the records required by the Government for a Passport so I have to do additional paperwork and steps to acquire the Passport.... hehehe

Its a minor issue compared to being with Charmagne :-)


September 3, 2008 

Today Charmagne and her Sister Grace is making the long journey to Davao City to get her Passport.

Next we will try to get her a tourist Visa to come here to the US for a visit or longer if the filings go as planned :-) Its a long tiring journey for her but a necessary one to get all this paperwork in proper order, bless her soul.








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