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The Kids


Here are my two sons Bryant (16) and Bryce (14).

They are great kids and love things such as playing on football teams, bowling, golf and anything outdoors.

I am so very proud of them and consider them to be Gifts from God.



Charmagne's  Sweet Son 

(Comment by Charmagne)

I raised my only son Jap. He was my 
strength and my everything... Jap was born a 
special child, he was a cerebral palsy child, but 
he died last Sept 26, 2007 I know God took him for 
a reason and he is missed....





Comments from Troy


Jap was born a Cerebral Palsy sufferer and yet he was a Gift from God as are all children.

Is it chance, luck or maybe God in this relationship of ours?

Jap being born with CP and myself being born with a very mild case of CP :-)

Call it luck or a God thing I can say this, if this wonderful boy were here today I would love him as I love my own blood and the memory of Jap is with me always although I was not blessed with the opportunity to know and love him as he deserves.

I know in my heart this precious child is jumping and playing today at the Lords side and although it would be selfish of me to deprive anyone of such joy, I wish in my heart that I had a chance to love and treat him like all children deserve.

I have heard from a few that I have spoken with about Jap that Charmagne was a selfless, tireless, wonderful Mother to Jap and I am heartbroken at my Babygirl's loss and so proud of her in the same breath.

Precious Jap plays today but we shall see him in due time:-)