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About Sweet Charmagne as written by her and a little by me :-)

Happy Holidays to my soon to be relatives in the Philippines!



Here is where my Babygirl will have some tidbits about herself and her thoughts and possibly share some cool information about herself.

I can tell you this about my Babygirl. She is the owner of my heart and rightfully so because she is loving, faithful, witty, compassionate, of good morals and always a positive faith based opinion :-)

Her beauty of character, of heart and of body are unmatched by any woman I have ever encountered and consider her a true Gift from God to me. Now that the Author has shared his bias about his one Love he can leave the rest to the Lady :-)

She has a fantastic sense of style and a true gift when it comes to her Artistic talents, drop by the Jewelry Page and see the great works she does for her Clients with many types of Pearls and Swarovsky Crystals :-)

What can I say about her here that would even come close to describing the wonderful Lady that the Lord has put in my life and my Heart?

I can tell you this, she is such a compassionate person that upon finding out about my Mother's fight with Cancer, she made many gorgeous pieces of Jewelry for Mom and Mom's Sisters plus a Sister in law.

Her love and compassion for myself and my Family doesn't go without notice, she truly is my Gift from God and I thank the Lord daily for bringing her into my heart , my life and soon into my arms forever :-)


As Written by Charmagne


It's my turn to say something for myself.... I am 
Charmagne Manansala who lives in General Santos 
City Philippines, tuna capital of the Philippines. 
The 1st daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Manansala. I have 
two sisters by the name of Michelle and Mary Grace. 
A businesswoman who has been seperated for almost 
11yrs. and I raised my only son Jap. He was my 
strength and my everything... Jap was born a 
special child, he was a cerebral palsy child, but 
he died last sept 26, 2007 i know God took him for 
a reason.... when my son died I was so down. That's 
why i made my time very busy to forget about my 
son's death.... 

My two sisters worried about me, they know how down 
I am when my son died that's why they convinced me 
to register at Cherry Blossoms and they made my 
Aunt an example. She met an Irish man at CB and as 
we can see they are happy for each other.. My 
sister Grace signed my application and put my 
pictures at CB. But i'm still busy when they signed 
me in that's why it took me a month or so to check 
and reply to my e-mail by myself... 

I met a lot of guys at cb and some are rude and i 
almost wanted to quit looking for a real man who 
can respect and love me for what i am...But when i 
met Troy Berg he was different, he is respectful, 
nice, loving, always makes me laugh and most of all 
he is a God fearing person... Troy Berg is from 
Dallas Texas, divorced, computer programmer, has 
two nice well raised kids named Bryant and Bryce. 
As I was getting to know Troy better i fell in love 
with his kindness and more. He's not hard to love, 
for me he is the man that those girls are dreaming 
of. He loves his mother and his kids so much and if 
my son Jap were still with me i know he would love 
my son too with no second thought of it. I can't 
explain my feelings, I love him, his Mom and the 
kids. In my heart I consider them my second family 
even though 
Troy and I are 9,000 miles away...

to be continued.....